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Van Life Internet Radio

Unit 49635,
PO Box 15113,
Birmingham, B2 2NJ.
E-mail: enquiries [at] vanliferadio dot rocks

Like most other Van Life people, we are constantly on the move and rely on the internet to communicate with you all. We do have a permanent postal address for receiving printed matter and this is forwarded to our current semi-permanent location, where ever that may be. We monitor our email and social media pages daily so the best way to get in touch is either by sending email or going to our Facebook page and message us there. Phone numbers are useless as we are constantly moving between the UK and the EU so please bare with us and use the email service provided. 

Some FAQ's

VLR is an Internet radio station. It streams via the web. ANY device can connect and listen to us via a media player or smart phone app.
Yes. You can download the app for free from the Google Play Store (search Van Life Radio) or on iOS from the Apple App Store. The app works primarily on both Samsung and iPhone smart phones. Once installed press Play!
Our station is available 24/7 that means we are streaming all day, every day, each week.
Yes. Most weekends, starting on Friday nights (GMT) we have a number of live DJ shows which stream from the DJ's studio.
Unfortunately without advertising and sponsorship we could'nt survive so yes we do. If you are a camper van or motorhome business please contact us to find out more.
Any business or organisation that is involved with motorhomes and campervans. That can be campsites, campervan and motorhome resellers, accessory stores etc.
For business reasons we are based in Birmingham. However our studios are always on the more as most DJ's work remotely. Our streaming server is on the Internet which means we can operate 24/7 from anywhere in the world.
Our target audience is primarily in the UK. However we are expanding to cover the entire European Union, Australia and New Zealand with other countries to follow in the coming months.
VLR (Van Life Radio) was started by veteran DJ - DJ Pete in 2021. Pete also runs another sucessful (sister) Internet radio station called Canal Radio UK which supports the inland waterway community of Great Britain. This station has been running 24/7 since 2018 and has over 5,750 listeners a month.

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